The coronavirus pandemic highlights the necessity to act on scientific imperatives and ensure policies reduce the risk of future economic and health crises—whether from the next pandemic or from climate change. So, this year’s event is expanding its scope from carbon pricing to focus on the importance of pairing economic recovery with climate action. LEAD on Carbon Pricing is now LEAD on Climate.

As Congress considers paths to recovery from the health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it must build back better, seeking to build a more resilient economy — that includes considering the threat of climate change.
Relief packages to small businesses and individuals have been vital but stimulus funding should take a broader view that takes the climate crisis into account.
Congress should enact policies to support efforts to mitigate climate risk and invest in a net-zero emissions economy, as well as longer-term solutions, including a price on carbon.

LEAD on Climate 2020 is free of charge and includes:

✔️An afternoon of policy briefings and advocacy trainings
✔️Bipartisan meetings (virtual) with Congressional staff and Members
✔️Chance to join peers in leading businesses with a collective voice
✔️Opportunity to amplify your story in the media (optional)
✔️High impact message; low carbon footprint

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