75 Executives Lobbied Congress for a National Carbon Price. We Listened

Right before Memorial Day, over 75 businesses came to Capitol Hill to demand that their lawmakers establish a national carbon price. The participating business leaders collectively employ over 1 million U.S. workers. Read more.

Eyeing hotter future, industry lays carbon tax groundwork

Representatives from credit card firm Capital One, tech giant Microsoft, home-goods maker Johnson & Johnson and dozens of other companies are coming to Capitol Hill this week to do something unusual: Call for a new tax. Read more.

Boston group brings corporate America to D.C. to push for climate bill

Members of Congress are used to hearing from the usual suspects — the enviros and other lefties — about the pressing need for a law that would curb carbon emissions. But corporate America has joined the crusade. Read more.

Companies lobby U.S. Congress on carbon tax; senator expects bill in weeks

Representatives from more than 70 companies met with U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday to push for a tax on carbon emissions to fight climate change, and a senator said bipartisan legislation containing such a plan could be introduced in weeks. Read more.

Carbon taxes are hot stuff — here's how they would work

Corporate America has done an about-face on climate change, Axios reports, with some 75 executives this week on Capitol Hill lobbying for the government to put a price on emissions. Read more.

CEOs Call on U.S. Congress to Set a National Price on Carbon

CEOs and other representatives of more than 75 U.S. businesses and trade associations, with combined market valuations of nearly $2.5 trillion, call for federal climate action including carbon pricing. Read more.

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